...... Just a quick note, Premasudha will be India during August and then Germany in September. But her regular courses and healing sessions will resume by mid October 2016....


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But first some testimonials....


Premasudha has spent 25 years traveling round the world studying with healing masters, including Amma, the famous Indian hugging saint......                                


Premasudha's spiritual depth and scriptural knowledge plus her psychological and "lived" emotional wisdom, and humour!!!!! - is exceptional.

              - N.S. film producer, Berlin, Germany


 A big heart expansion and better health.

             - Corina Menz, yoga teacher, Vancouver
I had a spiritual awakening and all symptoms of alzheimers disappeared. Very amazing work!
           - B.H. retired, Vancouver
Longterm depression and anxiety left.

         - Ella Murdoch, educator, Vancouver
My backpain lessened as I understood the cause for it. Beyond this, Premasudha's teachings are always simple and practical yet they open door after door after door inside me....

        - A. Gray-Grant, businesswoman, Vancouver 

Two hour sessions preferred. Both telephone sessions and distant healing available.

Telephone: 604 518 4108  Email: thecompassionateway@gmail.com


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