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People with an unusual capacity for unconditional love often have trouble fitting into the Western culture. They might think there was something wrong with them.

Premasudha used to wonder why she had such trouble writing the kinds of articles considered desirable in her profession of journalism. She knew there must be a way to live an honest, compassionate and successful life in this culture.

The challenge of her own life came when her young son was diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. Two different cancer specialists told her his condition was incurable partly because there was no effective treatment for this rare leukaemia at that time.

After experiencing a profound sensation of heaven and earth meeting, Premasudha decided not to believe them and gave the problem to the Universe to solve. Within 2 weeks, someone put her in touch with Olga Worral, a famous American healer, who began working from a distance. Within 3 years, without any other treatment, Premasudha's son Ewan, achieved full health.

Meanwhile, Premasudha's younger son was born and as soon as he could speak, he started to describe in detail being a man living a rustic existence in Finland.

These experiences set Premasudha on her spiritual jorney.  She spent more than a decade studying with healing masters in Hawaii and New Zealand, as well as in Canada. For the last 14 years, she has studied with Amma, the famous Indian 'Hugging Saint". 

Premasudha says that trusting our heads too much and our hearts too little causes unhappiness. She says women especially need to turn and begin to love and honour their true instinctive feminine nature.

She feels that as we do this, mental illness will decrease and even Mother Nature will become more peaceful.

"When any of us choose to move beyond the ego intellect, and learn to embody universal love and compassion, not only do we become happier but our lives begin to feel like a big adventure."

"Love is the strongest power in the world. Aligning with it brings emotional, intellectual and physical healing. And even miracles!"