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The spiritual journey isn't just the proper posture during meditation.... although a straight back does reduce the number of thoughts circling round in the head.

And it isn't just mindfulness.

To live big, we have to love big. We have to set sail in that direction. We have to let the intent to love inform everything we do. Only then will strong winds fill our sails, propelling us to our deepest goals.

Otherwise meaninglessness will creep into our lives, taking the fun out of everything.

To love deeply means just that.

If we are parents, we love and care for our tiny ones although they cry all night, spit up, and pooh constantly. We care for them because we understand as babies, they are completely and utterly dependent on us. Thus something in us rises to the task and we find the energy, humour and intelligence to keep going, as gracefully as we can.

We do not ask them to act like adults. We love and accept them as they are, even if its inconvenient or we have a headache or wish to sleep.

What works in life is to take the same devotion to ourselves. We too were once such an innocent, defenseless, and dearly lovable baby.

We need to take the time to understand ourselves; what happened to us growing up; how we formed the fears and defences that we struggle with today; and also see our strengths and good points. And celebrate our resiliency.

Not to blame our parents or caregivers. But we have to really see and feel and acknowledge what happened to us as children - how we lost our connection to our truth - before we can connect up again.

It is scary when all the old pain comes up. But it's just for 5 minutes or so. And then we put our arms around ourselves and remember that we were a beautiful child; our heart is still beautiful; and we are worthy of love. It is good that we are here, breathing, taking up space, and sharing the energy of our Essence.

Then comes peace and forgiveness. We feel peaceful because the little one inside is finally getting the love that was needed so badly. From within that inner sanctuary of peace, we can finally forgive our parents because we understand no one loved them properly either.

Then we re-emerge into life as far more than we were conditioned to be. By doing all this, we stop the cycles of pain that pass down generation after generation in families. What a heroic deed is that to walk our talk in this way.

It is indeed Being The Change We Want To See. One person brave enough to drop their emotional garbage brings peace and light to all of us here on earth and makes it easier for us to do the same.

June 28, 2019 | Registered CommenterPremasudha