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The Waking Up To Compassion Blog > Learning to Love Mother Nature Again

Mother Nature! What a gift She is to us with all her splendours, her seasons and her surprises.

She certainly is giving us trouble these days, bombarding us with super hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, droughts, and volcanic eruptions. Meanwhile the glaciers and snowfields continue to melt and the ocean is on the rise.

What have we done? How do we start to take care of Mother Nature so we don’t have to suffer any more of her onslaughts?

There are two ways we can go.

We can spend a lot of money trying to fix the problem of climate change. This will probably entail a lot of meetings, taxes and legislation.

Sadly our ignorance will prevent our measures from working well.

We are trying to stand apart from Mother Nature and control Her. We need to realize we ARE Her, move closer to our own hearts and listen to the solutions that come from the still small voice within.

We need to address our own consciousness and acknowledge our relentless exploitation of Her for our own needs. Now out of fear and belated concern, we wish to fix Her.

The trouble is our solutions will emerge out of the same small consciousness that has caused all the trouble. They could even make things worse, the way incompetent doctors do.

The truth is we are mere mammals and part of Mother Nature ourselves.

We might think we stand on some safe place outside the equation where we can talk endlessly about CO2 and plastic. If a lot of species are going extinct, human beings ourselves are in trouble.

Actually, for the well-being of the human race and our own personal happiness, we need to FALL IN LOVE WITH HER.

In ancient times, human beings worshipped and revered Nature. They felt at one with Her. When storms came, early humankind would experience the storm within themselves. There were not separate from Her.

We have developed great capacity to harness Her and exploit Her. Perhaps we needed to, in order to develop our sense of individuality and personal power. But now we are at such an extreme that human life is threatened and even our sense of humanity, as the technological revolution takes us further and further from the inherent simplicity of existence.

We really need to come back down to the ground and realize that we are Mother Nature too.

We also have seasons ….We all know what it feels like during a long dormant period of winter…where our dreams and meaning seems dead…Then comes the rebirth…Spring arrives inside as we feel a burst of understanding or greater awareness coming in and our bodies feel light and happy.

In our lives, we have an opportunity to sprout, blossom, and bear fruit.

We aren’t superior to Her. We are part of Her. Happiness comes as we realize this.

Besides, if we love Her, our solutions will work. We will be able to hear Her in our hearts, just as George Washington Carver felt the depleted soil of the American South told him to plant peanuts, just about the only crop that would grow there.

June 29, 2019 | Registered CommenterPremasudha