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The Waking Up To Compassion Blog > We Can Learn to Take Off Our Dark Glasses and See the Light

It is all very simple.

If we want to awaken, we will.

If we don't, we won't.

The spiritual journey is like climbing a mountain. There are gradual rises, steep cliffs, scary abysses, and beautiful plateaus, like fragrant meadows full of scented wild flowers

We have to really want to live in truth or we will get discouraged by the first steep incline.

But if we keep going, we will find that the Universe conspires to help us. We have an important dream; teachers appear right in front of us; and insights will percolate up from deep in our unconscious.

We might not feel like it but the Universe also listens to us. So if challenges are too tough or too many, we can ask the Universe for a slower pace.

But the truth of it is that we will never receive more than we can handle. When things are tough, we find our mettle. Maybe without the hardships and challenges we experience, we never would have found out who we really are.

As time goes by, we begin to observe the dark storylines of our egos.

As we observe how much our assumptions, prejudices and fears have distorted our lives, we feel the sorrow of how much we have believed this material. Then from deep inside, a strength emerges; a determination to find another way; to find a way to live in our truth.

And then we do.

It is a gradual process. Often too we might feel that we are doing it all wrong and it is taking far too long. Often there is a feeling that we are doing something really taboo. This is how we discover that, lip service to the contrary, in fact it is taboo to deeply love and feel in our increasingly technological, mechanistic and superficial societies

Oh well. We can usher in a new era because change has always come through individuals and small groups.

It may take time but that deep innocent Truth within all of us is there and if we turn to it and draw on it, we will be lifted into a far higher awareness than our egos could have imagined.

The Eastern spiritual traditions emphasize meditation, repeating a mantra and chanting. But there is also another powerful way to evolve. Selfless service. Giving to other human beings. Finding a way to help out which feeds your heart, that makes you feel at home here on the earth.

Then your darker understanding of life will dissolve into an awareness that this is all just illusion, a leela as they call it in the East.

But while this illusion of our life on earth has no enduring reality, it also counts in that if you hurt others, you will have to keep being reborn.

Still, the opposite is also true.

If you help others with true sincerity, you will eventually graduate from the tough and tumble schoolroom that is the earth.


July 18, 2019 | Registered CommenterPremasudha