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The Key To Your Life Will Be Found In The Heart Of The Child You Once Were  

Babies have a wide open fontanel at the top of their heads, right at the crown chakra. Eastern religions believe this area is where communication with the divine takes place. 

To the East, a wide open crown chakra is a great blessing. Your baby self was born with this.

The soft bones of the skull don't harden until around 18 months to about 2 years when the ego comes on. But before that, and sometimes afterward, children see angels and sometimes even relatives who have passed over. 

It is our little childself, so fresh from heaven,  who carries the most complete understanding of why we are here and what our true work is. The trouble is, in Western cultures where the head/intellect is so emphasized, we are taught not to pay attention to or value the subtle knowledge that comes from within.

So as children, we numb out to the inner data and lose our connection to All That Is.

Then as adults, we feel dissatisfied and wonder what went wrong.

But at any time in our lives, we can decide to turn and befriend and love the little child we were. As our hearts open to the truth of our innocent self, we feel hints and echoes of our true Nature. Slowly our emotional numbing and protective defences dissolve. We feel more alive and happy. Gradually we become more grounded, simple, clear, honest, fearless, compassionate and joyful. We deeply begin to feel on the right track.

This process is not done overnight. It can be painful to feel again the reasons why we numbed out to our feelings in the first place. But the pain is shortlived and really it is good pain because it opens the door to meaning and true happiness. 

The Key To Your Life Is Found Inside The Heart Of The Child You Once Were. It is just a matter of going looking for that key. 

You will find it as you learn to love and accept yourself; become present in your body; able to listen to the small whispers of the heart; and able to replace fear with compassionate wisdom and gratitude more and more. Often people report a feeling of being reborn, of being set free from their conditioning and their past. 

(Please be gentle with yourselves....this process takes time....)

Except as ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It was true 2,000 years ago and it is still true today.