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Premasudha will be in North Vancouver until July 22 and will return November 12. She will be speaking and offering workshop and sessions in India, Switzerland and Germany, including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and areas in the south.

 Some of us know how it feels to be caught in the ego/intellect, without knowing how to get out or transcend it.

The good news?

We might find our own exit door through Premasudha’s work. 

 Simple but powerful, her approach focuses on the chakras and the heart in a way that makes it possible to heal even early conditioning.     

If you are interested in hearing more about this very simple but effective technique, Premasudha will be demonstrating it (and looking for volunteers)

 Even just one session can be life changing.

Premasudha will be teaching her approach on an ongoing basis, offering certification to those who wish to learn to help others (and their own selves) into more self-acceptance.

 Premasudha also offers  sessions on anger and general questions and answers about the spiritual journey. 

     For an inquiries, please contact 604 518 4108 or email: